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The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has overall responsibility for setting standards and methods in the field of public financial management and control (PFMC), co-ordination and harmonisation.  Within the MoF, this function is carried out within the General Directorate of Budget and Fiscal Control (GDBFC).

Central Harmonizing Unit (CHU) for Financial Management and Control (FMC), under the authority of GDBFC within the MoF, is primarily responsible for setting out the methods and standards regarding financial management and internal control, guiding public institutions on those matters, and harmonizing the implementation.

CHU FMC (previously operating as Ex Ante Control Unit was separated as two different Unit CHU for Internal Control and Financial Management Unit, then merged with the approval of the GDBFC in 2008 to serve as central harmonizing unit within the both fields: financial management and control. The CHU FMC has achieved a considerable progress to date. Main achievements can be cited as follows:
Secondary and tertiary legislation prescribed by the Public Financial Management and Control Law 5018 (which is the main law covering FMC - the PFMC Law) has been enacted entirely.
Internal control standards have been set out and put into effect.
Guidance on Public Internal Control containing internal control steps and examples has been published with the ministerial approval dated 07th February 2014 and numbered 13.
New financial services experts and deputy experts have been recruited regularly to develop the administrative capacities of Strategy Development Units.
Periodical training has been provided for thousands of civil servants including financial services experts and deputy experts from a wide range of public institutions.