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Financial Management and Control Units Tasks

According to Public Finance Management and Control Law (Law No: 5018), article 55 paragraph 2, “The standards and procedures related to the financial management and internal control processes shall be defined, developed and harmonized by the Ministry of Finance and those related to the internal audit by the Internal Audit Coordination Board, within the framework of their duties and authorizations. These bodies shall at the same time ensure the coordination of the systems, and provide guidance to public administrations.”

            CHU for FMC, described on Public Finance Management and Control Law (Law No: 5018), article 55 paragraph 2, carries out tasks which are listed below:

·         In scope of FMC, it determines financial management and internal control standards and methodologies compatible with international standards.

·         It prepares draft of law, regulation, communique concerning to FMC area and it determines procedures and principles of implementation.

·         It coordinates public administrations implementation in the area of FMC and gives consultancy and training services

·         It monitors public administrations implementation which about FMC, evaluates according to standards and methodologies and makes suggestions for proposal.

·         It determines mission, competency and working procedures and principals which are implemented by public administrations financial service units.

·         It makes or makes done researches and analysing in scope of financial management and control area, specifies the national and international best practices and makes these generalize in all public administration.

·         It cooperates with Court of Account and CHU for IA