Training Of Financial Services Experts Completed

The training program initiated on 18 August 2008 within the framework of Article 23 of the Regulation on Financial services expertise, titled “The Training of Experts”, has been completed on the 5 December 2008.

The training program for the financial services experts which have been appointed to the administrations upon performed as the relevant articles of Laws number 5436 and 5628 in (4) groups at the Headship of Higher Training Centre of the Ministry of Finance. Totally 452 Financial services experts from 109 different administrations have attended to this training program.

Within the training program, preparing presentations, reporting techniques, problem solving methods have also Benn included in addition to professional issues. Furthermore, within the framework of experiences and views of experts who are assigned in different departments, problems experienced in the administrations have been put forward and it was tried to find solutions for the problems all together.

Moreover at the end of the training program, views of the participants have been taken by means of conducting a questionnaire to evaluate the trainers and the content of the program. The questionnaires filled by the participants at the end of each program have been assessed by our Ministry in order to make some amendments for the future training programs. Along with these questioners, at the end of every group training a general assessment session has been held between the experts and the authorities from our Ministry which facilitated a direct opinion share. Furthermore, at the end of every training program, experts participating in the programs have been granted certificates.

Following the training program, a meeting in our General Directorate has been held to evaluate the training. Deputy Director General Mr. Sait ARCAGÖK taking the floor at the meeting, thanked to the participants of the training for their successful efforts. He also emphasised that satisfaction level of the financial services experts from the training program has been 86,22 % and that the aimed percentage is 100%. He continued his speech by citing that this training just constitutes a beginning, in the light of this experience, efforts will continue to increase the satisfaction level in the forthcoming training programs.

Training Programme