Internal Control Reading List
COSO ERM Integrated Framework Executive Summary
Financial Management: Departmental Internal Control Evalution Criteria
Internal Control Management and Evalution Tool Exposure Draft
COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework (Draft December 2011)
COSO - Internal Control - Intagrated Framework: 2013
ERM Executive Summary Framework, September, 2004 
Evaluating and Improving Internal Control in Organizations, International Federation of Accountants, June, 2012
Evaluating and Improving Governance, International Federation of Accountants, February, 2009
From Bolt On To Built In Managing Risk as an Integral Part of Managing Organization, International Federation of Accountants, May, 2015
Handbook of The Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, International Ethics Standarts Board for Accountants, May, 2015
Defining and Developin an Effective Code of Conduct for Organizations, International Federation of Accountants, June, 2007


IIA Code of Ethics
IT Audit (ISACA)
COSO Internal Control Integrated Framework Executive Summary
Creating An Effective Central Harmonization Unit
Internal Control Systems in Candidate Countries I - II - III
INTOSAI Internal Control Standarts For Public Sector
Standartds For Internal Control in yhe Federal Government
The Role of Internal Audit in Government Financial Management: An International 2002-94 Perspectivee- Jack DIAMOND
20 Questions Directors Should Ask About Internal Audit - J. FRASER, H. LINDSAY, Working Paper
Guidelines for Internal Control Standarts for the Public Sector Further Information on Entity Risk Management, INTOSAI GOV 9130, 2007

Welcome to the World of PIFC
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- BRAGG Steven M., Accounting Best Practices, 2007
- CENDROWSKİ Harry, MAİR William C., Enterprise Risk Management and COSO: A Guide for Directors, Executives and Practioners, Wiley, 2009
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- Enterprise Risk Management - IF (2004), AICPA, 2004
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-GRABER Doris A., The Power of Comminication: Managing Information In Public Organizations, CQ Press, 2002
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- Guidance on  Monitoring Internal Control Systems, AICPA, 2009
- HELMS Glenn, Internal Control Essentials for Financial Managers, Accountants and Aud,tors, AICPA, 2008
-Internal Control and IT: Reliable Rpeorting and Fraud Prevention, AICPA, 2009
-Internal Control Issues in Derivatives Usage and Internal Control - Integrated Framework, AICPA, 1996
- Internal Control Over Financial Reporting - Guidance for Smaller Public Companies, AICPA, 2006
- KONING Robert de, PIFC Public Internal Financial Control, January 2007
- LEITCH Matthew, Intelligent Internal Control and Risk Management, Ashgate, 2008
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- PICKETT Spencer K. H., The Internal Auditor at Work: A Practical Guide to Everyday Challenges, 2003
- Risk Management Set: Guidelines for Managing Risk in Australian and New Zealand Public Sector
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- SWITZER Susan M., Internal Audit Reports Post Sarbanes - Oxley: A Guide to Process- Dirven Reporting (Wiley Institute of Internal Auditors Professional Book), 2007
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